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Information Center, Chotěboř

The Tourist Information Center, located in the municipal library, was established January 1, 2005. The “Infocentrum” is a member of the Association of Tourist Information Centers and is an official tourist information center under the conditions established by the Czech Office for Tourism. Services are offered to visitors, tourists, the broader public and to residents  více... 

Chotebor presentation

Chotěboř is a typical Czech town located in the western part of the Czech-Moravian Highlands at an elevation of 515 m above sea level. This region in the foothills of the Železné (Iron) Mountains is known for its unspoiled environment and is suitable for hiking, bicycling and other forms of recreation. A section of the  více... 


Information Center Chotěboř Krále Jana Street #258 583 01 Chotěboř tel.: 569 626 634 fax: 569 626 634 e-mail: infocentrum@chot.cz WHERE CAN YOU FIND US? At the corner of Krále Jana Street, Tyršova Street and Fominova Street, in the basement of the Chotěboř Municipal Library (Městské knihovny Chotěboř. See photogallery.) GPS – Loc: 49°43’6.17″N, 15°40’10.762″E

Suggested Activities and Day Trips

Chotěboř Municipal Museum Riegrova Street #1, Chotěboř tel.: 569 623 293, 731 831 475 www.cekus.eu e-mail: muzeum-chotebor@email.cz The museum is located in an Italian-style early Baroque palace built at the beginning of the 18th century. The palace was renovated in the 19th century and again after a fire in 1927; the Chapel of the Most Holy Trinity remains in  více...