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Information Center, Chotěboř

The Tourist Information Center, located in the municipal library, was established January 1, 2005.

The “Infocentrum” is a member of the Association of Tourist Information Centers and is an official tourist information center under the conditions established by the Czech Office for Tourism.

Services are offered to visitors, tourists, the broader public and to residents of the town. Its main function is to provide information about the region according to the division of powers established by the allowance organization Vyočina Tourism with an additional focus on the micro-region Podoubraví. We provide information primarily regarding:

  • advice about daytrips
  • accommodation
  • meals
  • private companies, services, institutions, offices
  • transportation
  • cultural and natural monuments
  • cultural and athletic activities
  • health care and schools
  • local walking trails
  • regional particularities

Opening Hours

Monday 8:00-12:00 13:00-17:30

Tues.-Fri. 8:00-16:00

Saturday 8:00-12:00

additional hours, April-October

Sunday 13:00-17:00

Holidays 8:00-12:00