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Suggested Activities and Day Trips

Chotěboř Municipal Museum

Riegrova Street #1, Chotěboř

tel.: 569 623 293, 731 831 475


e-mail: muzeum-chotebor@email.cz

The museum is located in an Italian-style early Baroque palace built at the beginning of the 18th century. The palace was renovated in the 19th century and again after a fire in 1927; the Chapel of the Most Holy Trinity remains in its original state, with its rich stucco ornamentation. Surrounding the palace is an English park; the nearby mausoleum is accessible to tourists. The palace belongs to the Dobrzenský family.




Nature garden and Geopark U Platanu

Legií Street, Chotěboř


The grounds of the gymnasium is also the site of an exposition presenting rock types of the Železné (Iron) Mountains, supplemented by information panels regarding individual exhibited rocks as well as the geology of the entire Železné Mountains. Worksheets have been developed on the basis of these panels, introducing the local geology in an accessible and interesting way.

The exposition is connected to a nature garden which includes a pond, herb and flower beds as well as hedges of fruit-bearing and non-fruit-bearing shrubs.

The nature garden is also supplemented with informational panels which form the basis for worksheets.

Access to the geopark and worksheets is available at the town’s Information Center.


Pivovar Chotěboř s.r.o.

Průmyslová Street #1755, Chotěboř

tel.: 569 431 992


e-mail: info@pivovarchotebor.cz

The Chotěboř brewery, which opened in 2009, has been designated a “VYSOČINA [Czech-Moravian Highlands] regional product.”

Tours available for groups of 5-20 people at 150 Kč per person, price includes gift beer, tours arranged on an individual basis. Brewery shop open Fridays 14:00-16:00.

Doubrava River Valley

Opened in 1993, a 4.5-km-long educational trail contains an elevation differential of 83 meters and is considered moderately difficult. It was reconstructed in 2000 with the participation of members of foundational organization ČSOP (Czech Union for Nature Conservation) and the administration of the Železné Mountains Protected Zone. The trail follows the progress of the Doubrava, which flows from Horní mlýn to Bílek near Chotěboř through a forested canyon, forming a picturesque stretch with a rocky riverbed and wild rapids. The trail will acquaint you with many interesting geomorphological phenomena (towering cliffs, a waterfall, the “Giant’s Pot,” a stone sea), and typical flora and fauna.

The trail is marked by the following stations, which are outfitted with educational material: 1.) Water and its importance to the area, 2.) Island, 3.) Stone creek, 4.) Forest communities, 5.) Valley floodplain, 6.) Stone sea, 7.) Devil’s Table, 8.) Sokolohrad, 9.) Ravine, 10.) Mikeš’s Pit, 11.) Quarry. To find the Doubrava Valley, follow the red blazes from the crossroads on the square in Chotěboř.

Bílek Outdoor Park

(~ 5 km from Chotěboř)


~ 5 km from Chotěboř

GPS: Loc: 49°42’0.109″N, 15°43’30,9″E

tel.: 725 601 695


e-mail: outdoorbilek@seznam.cz

Rope park, paintball, airsoft, company teambuilding activites.

Reservations for four-wheel vehicle outings available by telephone.

Ranch 3x/D Markvartice

(~7 km from Chotěboř)

Sobíňov 244

tel.: 569 694 119, 606 693 498


e-mail: ranc3d@e-mail.cz

Horse and ostrich farm offering horseback rides and lessons in horseback riding.

Painted cottages

(~ 7 km from Chotěboř)

Sobíňov, Petr Medo (owner)

tel.: 569 694 252


For a mere 20 Kč you can discover what it’s like inside a “gingerbread house.”

Take the main road from Chotěboř, turning right toward the hotel U Štefana and continuing all the way to the village green.

The Barn of Beautiful Bric a Brac

(~ 9 km from Chotěboř)

Vepříkov, across from hotel

tel.: 721 641 428, 721 339 418


e-mail: jaroslav.stehno@centrum.cz

A collection of old things and treasures forgotten in attics. Here you’ll discover well known objects from the recent past as well as older things from the time of your grandmother. The founder of this nontraditional museum is Mrs. Jaroslava Stehnová, who has been collecting antiques for over forty years and who provides personal tours. Opening hours: by agreement on site. No admission fee, but voluntary contributions are welcomed.

Kraborovice  and Úhrov

(~ 14 km from Chotěboř)

The former school in Kraborovice, which is now the seat of municipal administration, also houses a small village museum. Opening hours are 9:00 to 16:00 every day except Monday from June until September. In 1469 the Úhrov linden tree was witness to the peace accords between the Hungarian Matyáš Korvín and the Czech Jiří of Poděbrady after Matyáš found himself surrounded by Jiří’s army at Vilémov. Given monumental status in 1976, the tree’s circumference is 420 cm and it is believed to be 500-600 years old. Among other things, several Baroque structures can be found here: a palace with the Chapel of the Raising of the Holy Cross, from the first half of the 18th century; its valuable “Calvary” altar was made by Ignác Rohrbach, a representative of eastern Czech Baroque, and is part of an exposition of the Gallery of Fine Art in Havlíčkův Brod. There is also the Chapel of St. Anthony of Padua and a two-story granary. On the northeastern edge of the village there is a functional wooden replica of a medieval battlefield.

Josef Mathias Minařík Gallery

(~ 10 km from Chotěboř)

Heřmaň 1; rectory in Jeřišno

tel.: 731 182 249


e-mail: o.minarik@volny.cz

Private exhibit of the contemporary landscape painter in a reconstructed former rectory. Admission 30 Kč.

Habry Palace

(~18 km from Chotěboř)

Žižkovo náměstí (main square) in Habry

Tel.: 605 725 047 – Petr Vančura (owner)

Open from May to October, when weather is favorable

Baroque palace from the years 1718-1720, reconstructed at the end of the 19th century. Following a recent reconstruction of the interior, serves as a museum. Areas open to public: hunting salon, Baroque bedroom and other rooms, and cellar. Exhibit includes numerous items from Habry region, including original tower clock from the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.